A few weeks ago, we introduced Google Checkout on the Inside AdWords blog. Now, Marianna M. from the Checkout team, has news about a related resource:

The new Google Checkout blog for sellers is a way to help you get the most out of Google Checkout. We'll be sharing information on feature enhancements, product updates, Q&A from the customer support team, and useful tips.

For those of you unfamiliar with Google Checkout, it's a new checkout process that makes searching and buying faster and easier. For shoppers, a special Google Checkout shopping cart icon identifies participating merchants and makes it easier to buy from them through a single login--shoppers don't have to re-enter purchasing information every time a purchase is made. For sellers, it helps you sell more online and process $10 in sales for free for every dollar you spend on AdWords advertising.

So, if you're already using Google Checkout, be sure to take a look at the new blog. If you don't have a Checkout account and would like one, you can sign up here.