Earlier this year, we launched the Google Business Channel, a YouTube channel that brings you the latest on AdWords and Google's other business solutions, in video format.

And as part of the Advertiser Education Series on the channel, we've just added three videos that cover various aspects of the Google content network. This series is meant to help our advertisers learn about, and succeed with, advertising on this platform:

Part I: Introduction to the content network - Learn about the benefits of advertising on the content network, including an overview of key tools and features to help you succeed.

Part II: Optimizing campaigns for the content network - Learn strategies to optimize your content campaigns for maximum performance.

Part III: Demographic bidding on the content network - Learn how you can reach an audience based on their gender and age on social networking sites in the content network.

We hope you'll find these video lessons to be engaging and helpful with your advertising efforts on the content network. You can learn more about the content network on our microsite.