In last week's Think2010 post, we highlighted the value of search marketing to prompt direct conversions and advance branding goals. In this post, US Managing Director Bonita Stewart briefly discussed the role search played during the economic downturn.

On Tuesday, November 10th, Bonita Stewart will be hosting our second Think2010 webinar titled "Think2010: Four Winning Moves for 2010." Bonita will elaborate on fundamental search advertising strategies that marketers should employ to get ahead of the recovery moving into 2010. She'll also dive deeper into the relevance and importance of search as a core behavior, the significance of innovation in marketing, the value of developing the deeper connections that consumers are seeking, and the precision needed to target the right audience and speak to their interests.

In our ever-changing marketplace, it's important to thoughtfully plan the decisions that will differentiate your offerings, increase your competitive advantage, and create opportunities as the economy recovers. If you're interested in attending the Think2010: Four Winning Moves for 2010 webinar, please register here.