We’re excited to announce that this year Learn with Google webinars are moving to Hangouts On Air. These sessions will include all of the best practices, how-to’s, and information as before, but with the ease and benefits of the Hangout platform. Join us for one of our upcoming Hangouts On Air and learn the best ways to succeed with digital.

Check out our upcoming Learn with Google Hangouts On Air in the coming months and register today. Each link will take you to a registration page to sign up. After registering, you will be given the link to the Google+ event page where you can watch Hangout On Air broadcast or a replay. All of the Learn with Google Hangouts On Air are accessible through the Google Ads Google+ page. Be sure to look for additional Hangouts on Air as we will continue to add more to the schedule in the coming months.

28 The Right Keywords for your Ideal Customers
30 The Future is Here: Buying Viewable Impressions Online

5 Location Makes your Messages More Relevant
20 Unlocking Performance with Search Network with Display Select
26 The Performance Marketer's Field Guide to Mobile Targeting
27 Real Time Bidding with Audience Targeting

4   RLSA 201: Optimization and Growth Strategies
6   Shopping Campaigns: An Overview of New Features and Benefits
13 Going Local with Product Listing Ads

Hangouts On Air are held Tuesdays through Thursdays at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern through the Google Ads Google+ page.

Learn with Google is a program to help businesses succeed through winning moments that matter, enabling better decisions and constantly innovating. We hope that you’ll use these best practices and how-to’s to maximize the impact of digital and grow your business. We’re looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming session!

Matt Ludwig, Marketing Coordinator, Learn with Google