I asked Stephanie, a product manager I work closely with, to talk about one of her products in-depth today. Here’s what she has to say about the new suite of account management tools that she’s been launching since October:
I’ve noticed that, as our advertisers expand their AdWords campaigns to support growing businesses that managing these larger accounts becomes a challenge. Advertisers have come up to me and told me that they appreciate how much traffic AdWords drives to their sites, but it gets incrementally harder to manage their campaigns as they add more keywords and ads. To help our advertisers with this problem, I’ve been working with my team on a set of account management tools that make changes across an account easy and quick.

We’ve launched three of these tools to help all advertisers manage their keywords, CPCs, and ad text. Now, rather than making these changes for individual items, you can make hundreds of thousands of changes in a matter of minutes. The names of these tools are pretty self-explanatory, but I wanted to point out some specific examples of common uses for them.
  • The Find/Edit Max CPCs tool allows you to change your CPC settings for thousands of keywords at once. You can change the CPC to a set price or increase all bids by a fixed percent or fixed amount. Some examples can be seen here.
  • The Find/Edit Ad Text tool allows you to change the text of several ads at the same time. Learn more about how you might use it here.
  • The Find/Edit Keyword tool allows you to edit keyword match types, delete keywords, and remove keyword-level destination URLs en masse. Take a look at some specific examples of things you can do with this tool here.
These tools all support powerful filtering and searching options. For example, you can find all the keywords that are appearing above a certain position or performing below a particular CTR. If you want to find the subset of ads that have the word “roses” in them, you can just search for that word. Or even go one step further and take advantage of the download as .csv feature to generate high-performing keyword lists or a record of your best ads.

So, feel free to try them out – they can be useful to accounts of all sizes. Just log in and go the ‘Tools’ page (there’s a link to that under the “Campaign Management” tab). Under the ‘Modify your Campaigns’ heading on the right side, you’ll find all three tools listed.

If you want to provide specific feedback on Stephanie’s campaign management tools, write us and I’ll make sure that she gets your comments.