Many newer advertisers wonder how they should structure their account to maximize success. Often unaware of the powerful options that AdWords offers to create a range of very targeted ads, new advertisers sometimes just create a single ad to promote all of the products or services they offer. Here's an example of an "all-purpose" ad:

Joe Smith's Footwear
All kinds of footwear on sale
Specials for the whole family!

This tends to provide moderate results at best. By creating separate (and very focused) ads for each product or service, though, advertisers generally enjoy much better results. So, Joe might break up his product offerings into more targeted ads like this:

Women's Leather Sandals
Super comfy sandals for summer
Find a huge variety at Joe Smith's

Men's Clogs
Enjoy the comfort of clogs
Now on sale at Joe Smith's!

Kid's Tennis Shoe Sale
Just in time for back to school!
The styles they want at Joe Smith's

Baby Booties Sale
Shoes & booties for the little one
Great fall colors at Joe Smith's!

While creating multiple Ad Groups with targeted keywords relevant to each is a bit more time consuming, the improved results are more than worth it. It's also quite simple to do once you have an understanding of how an AdWords account is structured.

Yep, you guessed it. We've finally gotten to this week's hidden gem, entitled "How is an AdWords account structured?" It'll give you the basics you need to build an account structured for success, complete with targeted Ad Groups like Joe's.