Several weeks ago, we posted about the new AdWords Help user-to-user support forum on Google Groups, where advertisers may search or browse for answers, ask questions, and assist others with AdWords. At the time we posted, we'd just earned our 126th member.

Today, I'm posting with some exciting news. Thanks in large part to readers of this blog, I'm delighted to report that the membership of AdWords Help has now quadrupled.

And while a 400% increase in membership is pretty great, even better is the fact that AdWords advertisers are actively helping each other every day -- and doing it well. It's truly a pleasure to see. Thanks to all who have taken a look at this user-to-user forum, with a very special nod to those of you who have become active participants of AdWords Help.

If you're hearing about this resource for the very first time, then maybe you'll want to take a look now. You'll find a growing, friendly, and helpful community which offers valuable advertising insight and advice.