Everyone knows about the importance of creating effective keyword lists, and now there's an improved Keyword Tool to help you do so. Ann-Lee, from the Keyword Tool team, tells us a little more:

Selecting new keywords to meet your campaign goals can be challenging -- that's why we've improved our Keyword Tool to give you more data alongside keyword results. You can see the general popularity of a keyword -- green bars will show you if other advertisers are competing for a particular keyword you're considering or if users are searching on that keyword. Also, you can look at the cost and ad position estimates for a list of keywords prior to adding them to your Ad Group.

We're also excited about a new feature that allows you to generate keywords based on the content of any webpage, such as your landing page (currently only available to advertisers who access their accounts in English).

While we can't guarantee that selected keywords will hit your campaign goals, we hope that this additional guidance will help you make smarter keyword selections. And as always, remember to shop for negative keywords in the results that are returned.

To try these and other new features, access the Keyword Tool from the Ad Group page or the Tools page of your account.