Here at 37° 25' 22", -122° 5' 6", we wanted to make it easier for you to set up customized location targeting. So last week, we put Google Maps into AdWords, allowing you to visualize cryptic coordinates or just pick a specific location on the map to determine the location you'd like to target.

Is this new feature for you? That depends on your advertising goals. Customized targeting is great for advertisers who want to market their products or services to a very specific location. For example, if you're selling flowers to people who live near the Four Corners, but you don't service all of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado, customized targeting allows you to precisely target only your audience. And, as you can see below, Google Maps makes it easy to choose this location.

How does it work? After selecting customized targeting when editing or creating a new campaign, you can now define your location with just a few clicks of the mouse. First, click-and-drag the map and zoom in to find your location or desired target area. Then submit a distance (we recommend at least 20 miles) around your location target. A circle will appear on the map to confirm the region – so you can be sure your ads appear to potential customers in the exact neighborhoods you want to reach.