Back in November, Brett and Andrew from the Google Analytics team announced the exciting news that Analytics would be available right from within your AdWords account. However, due to the overwhelming response, we had to temporarily suspend new signups.

We've now started sending invitation codes to the first set of customers who submitted their email addresses for a Google Analytics account. If you receive an invitation code from us, you can sign up and begin tracking the performance of your websites and AdWords campaigns. The Google Analytics Help Center is a great place to start for any questions you have during the set-up process.

If you haven't yet received an invitation to sign up for Google Analytics, we hope that you'll continue to be patient. The Analytics team has been working long and hard to add server capacity so that we can continue adding new accounts, as well as make your experience using Google Analytics the best that it can be. This means fresher report data, the ability to add profiles to your account, and more. Check the posts on the Google Analytics site to keep up to date on our progress.