Advertisers and users alike know that AdWords ads are a great way to find relevant information. But sometimes you wonder where the businesses that you see advertising online are actually located. Well, we’ve just announced a new ad format -- the local business ad -- which ties targeted ads into a local context. To get the details, we caught up with Sandra, from the Local team:

With local business ads, you can promote your business location within the map on Google Local. Users searching for your products or services will be able to clearly see how close (or far) they are from your business' physical location. In addition to your ad text, you can also include a phone number or add an image of your company logo or one of the products you carry. Whether it’s a hotel or flowers, pizza or plumbing, you can get key information about your business in front of potential customers as they browse or shop locally online.

If your business has multiple locations, you can promote them all within the same Ad Group or campaign using the same keyword lists -- your ads will appear whenever someone is searching for those keywords near any one of your locations. Local business ads are associated with business listings in Google Local, so check to make sure your listings are included and up-to-date. If you want to make changes, simply visit the Local Business Center. And, for those of you with more than ten business locations, you might want to consider uploading a feed.

Ready to let your customers know exactly where you are on the map? Just click the 'Create New Local Business Ad' link from within the Ad Group view of your account to get started. Or, learn more about local business ads first.