In the last two AdWords 101 posts, we covered the Campaign Management, Reports and Analytics tabs. Today, we’ll discuss the last tab: My Account. Under the My Account tab, you can check your bill, and manage your billing and other account preferences.

When you first click on the My Account tab, you will be taken to the Billing Summary page. This page shows you your latest billing information, and even allows you to download this information as a .csv file. This download feature may be useful for those who want to track their AdWords expenses in a different software program; you’ll find this link in the upper left corner above the main billing table. Or if you prefer, a handy printing function allows you to print out invoices and receipts for your account. You can also choose to view your monthly billing activity over different time ranges by using the date dropdown menus on the upper right corner of this page.

The next page available in the My Account tab is the Billing Preferences page (you can get here by clicking the links located under the main tab in the green bar). This page allows you to view and edit your payment info. For example, if you would like to use a different credit card, you can click on the Edit link on this page to update your credit card information.

The Access page gives you the option of inviting other people to access your account using distinct logins. For example, if both you and your co-worker jointly manage the same AdWords account for your company, you can invite her to create her own login email and password to access the account so that you do not have to share your login and passwords.

The last page in the My Account tab is Account Preferences. On this page, you can:
  • Manage your login information: do you need to change your password?
  • Edit language and email options: in what language would you like to view your nterface? Are you opted into receiving newsletters or special offers?
  • Tell us more about your business type
  • Change your client manager account access and tracking preferences: do you have a client manager who accesses your account? Would you like to set up auto-linking in your URLs to facilitate your Analytics tracking?
You’ll also find a link to the latest version of the AdWords Terms and Conditions on this page.

Homework: Learn more about what’s available in the My Account tab by reviewing the My Account tab lesson in the AdWords Learning Center.

That sums up the four tabs found in your account. Be sure to spend time perusing each one so that you can make the most out of all the account and campaign management features available to you within AdWords.