Have you ever wondered why AdWords offers you so many options? Or why, just when you think you know the program inside and out, something changes?

Listening to our advertisers, we understand that while some love AdWords just the way it is, others feel it is rather complex, that perhaps it changes too often for your comfort, and that not everything running under the hood is fully explained...

We've just quoted the first three sentences of The Google AdWords Philosophy, which you'll find linked-to from the AdWords Resources section of the AdWords Help Center. The "Philosophy Doc" (as the folks who wrote it have come to call it) is meant to give advertisers an overview of why AdWords is the way it is; why it might sometimes seem complex; why it is constantly evolving; and why we're not always able to share every nuanced detail of why it works the way it does.

If those first three sentences caught your attention at all and have in some way described your experience with AdWords, we hope that you'll give the AdWords Philosophy a read.