Earlier this year, we told you about AdWords Editor – a free, downloadable campaign management application. With AdWords Editor you can quickly and easily navigate your account, copy and paste keywords and ad text, share proposed changes with others, work offline and upload changes later, and, most importantly, make large-scale changes using a wide variety of search and editing tools.

Until recently, AdWords Editor was available on an invitation-only basis, but is now available to everyone. Even more exciting, we just released Version 2.0 which includes new features such as:

Replace text
Have you ever made the same change to multiple ads within your account (e.g. changing the price of an item that you just placed on sale)? The replace text feature makes it easy to find and replace text from a headline, description line, or URL in one step.

Find duplicate keywords
Unnecessary duplicate keywords can complicate your account management and skew performance statistics. Search your account for multiple instances of the same keyword, then edit or delete the duplicates as needed.

Advanced Maximum CPC changes
As your keyword lists grow, you may find yourself spending a lot of time editing Max CPC bids. The Advanced Maximum CPC changes tool helps you adjust bids by a specified percent or dollar amount, raise bids to the minimum CPC for all your inactive keywords, and more.

Keyword Grouper
Want to know one of the most important tips for success with AdWords? Create tightly knit Ad Groups with keywords and ad text that are based on a common theme. To help you do just that, AdWords Editor offers the Keyword Grouper. The Keyword Grouper takes an existing list of keywords and divides them into smaller Ad Groups based on common themes. You can then create related ad text for the new Ad Groups or have the choice of using existing ad text from within your account.

These are just some of the cool new features for Version 2.0. For a full list of features, check out the AdWords Editor release notes. If you haven’t downloaded AdWords Editor, you can do so by visiting the AdWords Editor website. If you’re already using AdWords Editor, you’ll have the option to update to Version 2.0 the next time you open the application.