Recently, we've released a few small features that we think you'll find helpful. Read on for a quick overview.

'Last thirty days' date range for reports
In addition to viewing data from the last month, you can now view performance data for the last thirty days. This date range is a new selection in the settings section of the create report page.

Graphs for weekly and hourly reports
Graphs are now available for weekly and hourly reports. To view the graphs, click 'View graphs only' or 'View data and graphs' from the View Report page.

Ad format filters for the site tool

The site tool now features ad format filters, an enhancement allowing you to choose sites that accept specific ad formats for site-targeted campaigns. You can now search for sites by ad types (text ads, image ads, or video ads) and various size formats.

Feel free to give these new features a quick spin this weekend, and let us know if you have any feedback.