Call it human nature. Lots of advertisers explore the Help Center extensively when they first start with AdWords, just to get a handle on the basics, but rarely make a return visit after that. But what about the helpful information that has added since that last visit, say, oh, six months ago?

Here's a good example: in the past few months a lot of new content concerning the key concept of Quality Score has been added to the Help Center.

In fact, if you were to visit today, you'd see a whole new section called Ad Quality and Performance. Within that section, there are four major subject areas, as noted below. Within each of those broad areas there are many detailed supporting topics. Here's an overview of what you'll find:

  • The Quality and Performance Overview section includes 11 topics meant to define quality and performance, and to help understand AdWords system behaviors.

  • Within the Quality and Performance Factors section, you'll find links to more than 25 topics on Quality Score, quality-based minimum bids, landing page quality, ad position, and clickthrough rate (CTR).

  • The Troubleshooting section offers more than 15 helpful links that can assist you in troubleshooting your keywords, ads, landing pages and minimum bids.

  • Lastly, the Improving Ad Performance section offers 20 or so topics on choosing successful keywords, creating targeted ads, and optimizing your account.
Yep, that's a lot of information. We hope you'll spend some quality time (pun intended!) in the Help Center one day soon -- and just explore. You'll almost certainly find some information you haven't seen before, which just might help you improve your advertising effectiveness.