We're always working to develop tools that can aid advertisers in their particular industry. Recently, we launched a new resource to help merchants get the most from their advertising. Jennie C. from the AdWords Retail team is here to tell us more:

We know that you want to keep up to speed on trends in your industry to make the most out of your campaigns. Now, to help you find more of the information that you need, we've created a new resource for our retail advertisers: the Retail Knowledge Center. Here you'll find a wealth of material including information about setting up and optimizing your campaigns, as well as recommended Google products for your business. You can also join a discussion forum, read case studies from other retail advertisers, and peruse recent industry news items.

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions on the Retail Knowledge Center, please share them with us at retail-knowledge@google.com. We're working hard to add similar information for advertisers in other industries. Stay tuned to Inside AdWords for updates.