The AdWords Operations team (that's the team that supports AdWords advertisers) just keeps growing, and they will soon be moving house to accommodate their larger size. As part of the move, they're asking for advertiser photos to decorate their new building. Kerry C. from the AdWords Operations team is here to tell us more:

The AdWords Operations team will soon be moving, and we want to decorate our new building with photos of our advertisers as a way of recognizing that we owe our success to you. We'll be showing the photos in the new building because seeing your faces inspires us and reminds us that we're here to help make our advertisers more successful.

If you want to share your photo, visit this page for all the details. Along with your photo, we ask that you include your name, your customer ID number (so we can match you up with your account), your business name, and a description of the photo. High resolution images, greater than 5 megapixels, are best. We'd also love it if you could include a paragraph describing your business and how you are using AdWords. If we use your photo we'll also send you a small thank you gift. Thanks for helping to make our offices a happier, smilier place.

We're also hoping to share some of these stories and photos on the Inside AdWords blog. If you're interested in this possibility, include a note when you send your photo in. We're really looking forward to seeing your photos. Thanks for sharing!

Update: 2-9-2007 10:00am PST - Thanks to those readers who let us know that they weren't able to submit photos. We've now fixed this issue, so please submit away!