Last week, we announced the launch of our pay-per-action beta test for selected US advertisers. Since that post went live, we've received a number of questions -- and wanted to answer the most popular ones (paraphrased for brevity) in a quick follow up post:

Do pay-per-action ads show on or on sites in the search network?
No. Pay-per-action ads are not eligible to show on or in the Google search network. They're only eligible to display in the Google content network.

I am an advertiser using My Client Center (MCC) and am interested in the pay-per-action beta test for my clients, as well as for my own business. What are my sign up options?

We're only adding individual AdWords accounts to the beta test, so if you are an advertiser managing multiple accounts with an MCC, you can add the individual accounts that you believe will benefit from pay-per-action, including your own.

Is it possible to set a cost-per-action (CPA) value (i.e. the amount I'd like to pay for a specific action) as a percentage of the amount of the purchase rather than as a fixed amount per purchase?

We don't currently offer the option to set a CPA value as a percentage. The cost-per-action value must be a fixed amount.

I am also an AdSense publisher and would like to participate in this test. How can I sign up?

Please visit the AdSense referrals beta site, on which you'll find a 'Sign Up' link.

I am not a US advertiser, and wonder when pay-per-action will be available in my country?

Although we plan to extend the pay-per-action beta test to advertisers outside of the US in the future, we don’t currently have a date for when this option may become available in other countries.

Although I am not a US advertiser, my campaigns do target US customers. Can I participate in the beta?

At this time, we're only accepting advertisers who have a billing address located in the United States.

Want to learn more? Please take a look at our frequently asked questions regarding the pay-per-action beta.