Last October, we put out the call for beta testers for Google's new website testing application, Website Optimizer. Today, Peter Harbison, Product Marketing Manager for Website Optimizer is here with some news many of you have been eagerly anticipating:

Since October, we've worked closely with our beta testers to improve the application and today, we're happy to offer the latest version to everyone who signs up through the Website Optimizer homepage. If you're not quite ready to sign up right away, don't worry -- Website Optimizer will be available in all AdWords accounts within the next few weeks.

If you're unfamiliar with Website Optimizer, it is a free multivariate testing application built into AdWords that helps online marketers increase visitor conversion rates and overall visitor satisfaction by enabling them to continually test different combinations of site content. Why guess what site content you think will work best, when Website Optimizer can save you time by telling you what worked best based on visitor data collected from experiments on your site?

We mentioned earlier that we've been working closely with our beta testers so we thought we'd share with you what they've been telling us:

'Multivariate testing used to be only accessible to the big internet companies. Now anyone can do it! Just throw your marketing ideas into the pot... and Google Website Optimizer picks the winners.' - Ben Jesson & Dr Karl Blanks, Founders of

'We've learned more than just what works on the Calyx Flowers site. We've learned a testing approach that is applicable to all our web properties. Website Optimizer provides the empirical results I need to make solid marketing decisions going forward.' - Irene Steiner, VP of Marketing for Calyx Flowers

If you'd like to review additional comments from our beta testers, you'll find them here. Or, if you prefer a more in-depth look at how Website Optimizer has worked for other advertisers, feel free to check out a few case studies.

To sign up or learn more about Website Optimizer, please visit the Website Optimizer homepage.