Today, we're beginning a phased launch of the Placement Performance report, a new type of AdWords report that gives advertisers increased transparency into their performance on the Google content network. The Placement Performance report provides site-by-site performance metrics -- including clicks, impressions, cost, and conversion data -- for domains or URLs in the content network where your ads have appeared. The report also provides a new level of transparency for traffic you accrued from sites in our network that are participating in the AdSense for domains program. Currently, AdSense for domains statistics are collectively reported, but we are working to give you site-by-site level statistics soon.

When coupled with conversion analysis tools like Google's conversion tracking feature or Google Analytics, the Placement Performance report is a powerful resource that can show you the sites and placements where you're meeting your objectives. For example, you can identify well-performing sites and target them more aggressively by utilizing our site targeting feature. Conversely, you can use this report as a guide to take action on the sites that aren't meeting your ROI goals. For poorly performing sites, we recommend optimizing your ad groups by refining the keyword lists in your campaigns or using our site exclusion tool.

We're releasing this feature in response to popular demand, and this is part of our ongoing efforts to provide our advertisers with increased transparency, control, and value to meet their marketing objectives on the content network. The Placement Performance report is launching to a subset of US advertisers today and will become available to all advertisers within the next few weeks.

If you're interested in this new report type, you can read helpful tips on how to read and interpret as well as create Place Performance reports. You can also read about Placement Performance report best practices.