Today, we're happy to announce the launch of a new ad performance tool called Campaign Optimizer. It's an on-demand AdWords tool that provides personalized campaign ideas in just minutes. We're always looking for ways to help you improve your account performance and increase your advertising return, and we're excited that this tool can help jumpstart your optimization efforts. To start, click on the 'Optimize Campaign' link on the 'Campaign Summary' page, as shown in this screenshot below.

(Click the screenshot for a full-size image.)

Here's how Campaign Optimizer works: first, the tool analyzes your campaign to see what settings have or haven't worked well for you recently -- this process typically takes a minute or less. Next, it generates a customized proposal of ideas for your campaign aimed at improving your performance. Finally, you'll be able to review each proposed change and apply the ones you like directly to your campaign. As you can see in the screenshot below, it's easy to evaluate each change.

(Click the screenshot for a full-size image.)

Here are some of the ideas that Campaign Optimizer might propose to help improve your campaign's performance:
  • Change daily budget. Budget adjustments can affect your ad visibility and bring you more traffic.

  • Add new keywords. Campaign Optimizer proposes targeted keywords that relate to your landing page.

  • Change keyword matching options. The right matching option can help you reach customers more effectively.

  • Adjust keyword maximum cost-per-click bid. Your maximum CPC bid (in addition to your ad quality) affects your ad position.

  • Change ad text. Your ad text affects your click-through rate.

Since Campaign Optimizer is an automated tool, we suggest that it be the first step -- not the last -- in optimizing your account. You'll find that Campaign Optimizer is more effective on campaigns that have been running for at least two weeks. Use it to generate ideas and provide direction for your own optimization efforts. Once you've used Campaign Optimizer, you might review our optimization resources, as well as our previous posts on optimization tips for additional information on how to improve your account.

Try Campaign Optimizer now and let us know what you think by clicking on the feedback link on the right side of your Campaign Optimizer proposal.