Today, we've released our first major update to Website Optimizer, our free site content testing tool. Based on feedback received from advertisers and agencies, we've added three highly requested features:

1. We've added the ability to create A/B split experiments. This new feature is designed to make it faster and easier to optimize your website, and improve conversion rates. A/B experiments are ideal for testing different page layouts and pages with less traffic. Take a look at this multimedia demo to learn how to set up an A/B experiment.

2. You can now access Website Optimizer directly from the My Client Center. You can find more information here.

3. The experiment list is now automatically sorted so the most recent experiments appear at the top. We've also added the ability to delete experiments – by far our most requested feature.

We hope you enjoy these updates to Website Optimizer. If you would like to learn more about Website Optimizer, please visit the Website Optimizer homepage.