Today is Blog Action Day, and we’re excited to rally with hundreds of bloggers around the world to write about one topic: the environment. Since this issue is close to our hearts, we were very pleased to learn that some online advertisers were using AdWords to educate others about innovative ways to help green the planet.

Nate Petre, the CEO of Veggie Wheels, used AdWords to spread the word about the alternative energy movement. He ran ads alongside search results for his company on as well as on the Google content network, so that people looking to convert their diesel-run cars to run on vegetable oil could get connected to Veggie Wheels.

On his site, Nate explains why vegetable oil is the perfect ingredient to reduce climate change:

  • Sulfur, which causes acid rain, is eliminated
  • Co2 emissions, a major contributor to global warming, are nearly eliminated because vegetable oil is a renewable fuel
  • Emissions of others pollutants like HydroCarbons and Carbon-monoxide are reduced by about 30% - 50%
  • Black soot (particulate) is significantly reduced by 50-70%

Thanks to people like Nate for using Google in creative ways to connect others to eco-friendly solutions.