Today, we're announcing that Google Website Optimizer is officially out of beta. For those unfamiliar with it, Website Optimizer is Google's free content testing and optimization tool. It allows you to test different variations of your site content and design to determine what will be most effective at converting your visitors into customers.

Based on advertiser and agency feedback, we've released several updates to make the product even more accessible and effective for users:
  • We've made it easier for you to sign up and use Website Optimizer. In addition to accessing the tool through your AdWords account, you'll now be able to sign up for and access the tool without having to first sign into your AdWords account. Also, you can now use Website Optimizer even if you are not an AdWords advertiser.
  • You'll experience an improved setup flow for multivariate experiments, with more straightforward tagging instructions and a sample tagged page for you to examine.
  • The Website Optimizer microsite has been updated to include more educational information, including archived webinars, articles on optimization, testing strategies, and best practices.
You can keep up with Website Optimizer at the new Website Optimizer blog where you'll find the latest product news, industry insights, and testing recipes straight from the Website Optimizer team.