Since we launched Google Insights for Search in August of last year, we've received great feedback about the many ways advertisers have been using Insights for Search - from anticipating demand better, to stocking desired brands, to finding new keywords for their AdWords campaigns from the list of top rising search terms. Today, we're launching additional features that will provide more granular data so you can make better informed advertising decisions.
  • New data sources - We've added additional data from Google News, Image and Product Search sites so you can see what the world is searching for beyond Google Web Search. For example, retailers could use the Product Search filter to get a better understanding of what people are more likely to buy, and then stock the appropriate products.
  • Category suggestions - Ever wonder what other categories your search terms might be classified under? Insights for Search now suggests category breakdowns for your terms. For example, if you type in the search term "apple", Insights for Search will show you all the relevant categories searches are classified under such as Computers & Electronics, Entertainment, and Food & Drink.
  • Metros for the U.S. - You can now drill down to specific geographic regions, or metros, to see how search interest levels vary. This can help you with geo-targeting in your AdWords campaigns.
For some quick inspiration on how to get started, check out our latest Google Insights for Search in 60 Seconds videos. You can also follow your favorite search terms from your iGoogle page by adding the Official Google Insights for Search Gadget.