Today, we're making it simpler to bring richer content, interaction and tracking to your online display ads with our new Rich Media and Video templates in the AdWords display ad builder. These templates allow you to add more functionality to your ads, enabling users to interact with your ads before they click through. Here's what you can do with these new templates:
  • Show off multiple products and services: If you're providing many products and services, the new templates allow you to display multiple products within your ad. This feature can also benefit advertisers looking to brand by allowing them to tell a sequential story within the ad, such as "Explore, Buy, Save," where you could have an image representing each concept.
  • Use multiple destination URLs: If you're displaying multiple products within your ad, the new templates allow you to assign a different destination URL to each featured product, rather than directing users who click to a single, generic page that may be less targeted. This can help improve conversion rates, making your marketing more cost-efficient. Note that all the top-level domains of each destination URL within an ad must match.
  • Track interactions: Like with all our display ad templates, you'll automatically see a reporting column,"Mouseover rate," which shows the percentage of impressions where a user moused over your ad for one or more consecutive seconds. In addition, some rich media and video templates will track unique interactions, like the play rate for video ads; these will be displayed in a new "Interaction Rate" column. The actual interaction being tracked will vary based on the template you've chosen.
  • Use video: If you have video ad files, you can upload them to our new Click to Play video template, which allows you to choose starting and ending images, pick a display URL color, and run your ads across the Google Content Network.
  • Get creative: Last week, we announced new coupon templates, which allow you to set discounts and change prices within your ad. You can use these templates in the same way, offering multiple discounted products and allowing users to choose those that most interest them. Along with each image in your ad, you can include an accompanying description line that you can use to provide coupon codes, prices, and product information. This is just one of many ways to think and market "outside the box" with these rich media and video templates.
All this is easy to do in just minutes, and this video can show you how:

If you have trouble watching the video, you can watch it here.

You can access the new templates within your AdWords account by choosing the "Display ad builder" ad format option within any ad group and selecting the "Rich Media and Video" category.

We hope these new templates will give you one more great reason to try out the AdWords display ad builder, and reach additional customers in new ways.