Google Finance is now accepting image-based ads for the first time, and we're launching several new financial display ad templates that you can use specifically for Google Finance or any other placement on the Google Content Network. Of course, you can use any of our more than 80 templates on Google Finance, but we've also created several new financial services templates with pre-designed elements for your specific needs. As with many of our display ad templates, you can customize any of the text and colors, and specific templates also allow you to upload your own images. Here are screenshots of a couple of the new templates that you can use - they're available in multiple sizes:
Google Finance is a great opportunity to reach a relevant audience while they engage with financial content. You can use the AdWords placement targeting tool to target Google Finance like any other site on the content network, with the exception of third party ads. If you want more information about the ads on Google Finance, visit the Help Center. Additionally, you can read more about our new advertising initiatives in the latest post on our company blog.

To access the display ad builder, choose the "Display Ad Builder" ad format option from any group. The new templates will be available in the "Financial Services" section. For more information, watch our video tutorials.

If you use Twitter, you can also now follow @GoogleAdBuilder to get display ad builder updates and to ask us questions.