Since launching the AdWords Display Ad Builder, we've been pretty busy. Today, we'd like to give you a summary of what we've done so far, an update on the latest features and what's coming soon.

What we've done so far:
  • Global availability: We've made Display Ad Builder templates available in over 40 languages and over 100 countries worldwide, with more languages coming soon.
  • Templates for everyone: Currently, more than 90 customizable templates are available, many of which we've announced on this blog, with designs for local holidays and seasons around the world, specific industries and fully customizable "all-purpose" templates. We've also launched several text-only templates, a popular option with advertisers who don't have ready images to use in their display ads.
Recent updates:
  • Availability in the new AdWords interface: We've begun to make the Display Ad Builder available to a small number of users in the new AdWords interface, and we'll let you know when it becomes available to everyone. If you're using the new AdWords interface, you'll find that the Display Ad Builder is now easier to use. You can also access the tool with fewer clicks - simply choose "Display ad builder" from the Ads tab to get started.
  • Font selection: You can now select different fonts for each of your lines of text. Also, if you're advertising in a language that requires a specific font, we'll automatically identify a font that works for you based on the characters you type. As a result, you're more likely to build ads that meet your brand guidelines, making them more impactful and effective.
What's coming?
  • More templates: We're working on many more customizable templates, ranging from general all-purpose templates to those for specific seasons and industries. Also look for new rich media and video-based templates in the coming months.
  • Changes to Video Ads: The Click-to-Play video ad template that we launched several weeks ago will soon become the default interface for creating these ads in AdWords. We'll phase out the existing interface, currently accessed by clicking 'Video Ads" as an ad format option. Existing users of Click-to-Play video ads will be individually notified and we'll also update our Help Center to reflect changes in reporting for these ads, such as the fact that play rate will now be captured by the "Interaction Rate" stat for video ads.
To get started with the Display Ad Builder, choose it as an ad format option within your AdWords campaigns. To learn more, please watch our playlist of videos.