Back in January, we announced that we were adding four new links to local business ads - "Get Directions," "Street View" (where available), "Save to My Maps," and "Send." We added these interactive links to help Maps users find the information they seek about your business more quickly and easily, and to enable you to give those potential customers additional information about your business. Now, there's a new report in your Report Center to track users' interactions with these links.

The new local business ads interaction report includes information such as the number of times the info window was opened from the map and left side of the screen; the number of clicks to your website that originated from the info window; and the number of clicks each from the "Get Directions," "Street View," and "Save to My Maps" links (there is no reporting for the "Send" link).

The data in the report is intended to provide you with greater and more useful insight about your ads' ROI and ability to capture user interest. Click-throughs to your website will be listed as usual in your AdWords account on the campaign, ad group, keyword, and ad variations pages.

You can find instructions on how to run the report in the Help Center. When you get to the 'Advanced Settings' step of the instructions and click on the 'Add or Remove Columns' link, look for the new Local Business Ad Interaction Columns checkboxes at the bottom of the green box. From here, you can choose all links you want to track.

We hope you find the new link functionality and reporting capabilities useful. For more information about local advertising options, please check out the section about local business ads in the AdWords Help Center.