Last week we announced new high-end "Elegant" ad templates that can help you build great looking ads in minutes. Today we're releasing additional "Elegant" templates in the "General" category, as well as templates in a brand new "People" category. This new category enables advertisers to use templates that have professional images featuring people

In addition to these new templates, we also added 13 premium fonts that you can use to make ads with maximum visual appeal. They include: News Gothic, Gill Sans, Futura and Nimbus Sans. Here are some examples of the new ad templates and fonts:

With some of the new templates, you don't even need to upload any logos or images. With just a little bit of text you can create an appealing display ad in seconds.

To start creating your ads, visit the "Ads" tab in any campaign, click "New Ad," and select "Display Ad Builder' from the drop down." If you want to learn more about creating and running display ads, visit the Display Ads 101 tutorial.