You're probably already familiar with the concept of Quality Score and know that it plays a major role in the way that Google decides when to show your ads and how to rank them. But, even seasoned AdWords veterans still have questions about ads quality, which is why we've put together the Search Ads Quality Getting Started Guide.

Since introducing the concept back in July 2005, we've done a lot of work to make Quality Scores more detailed, accurate, and transparent. These improvements have included adding landing page load time, offering score diagnosis on the Keyword Analysis page, and displaying first page bid estimates.

The new Search Ads Quality Getting Started Guide is a resource for how you can get the most out of your search advertising on Google. While we're not making any changes to the way Quality Score works, the guide is organized to help you understand some of the most important concepts around quality, such as: how quality score affects your ranking and how quality score affects how much you pay.

The new guide also offers useful tips on how to improve your ad quality and addresses some of your most common questions.

Whether you've been advertising with AdWords for years, or you just created your first campaign, we believe that the Getting Started Guide will be a useful resource for you to learn more about a topic that is at the core of advertising on AdWords.