Alerts are a great way to stay on top of changes in your account. In addition to the account alerts already available for billing and campaign maintenance, you can also use custom alerts to monitor shifts in key metrics like clicks and cost. We'd like to tell you about two additional alert options that we're introducing today.

First, we've added alerts for new keyword and budget ideas in the Opportunities tab. Ideas are personalized tips to help you potentially improve your campaigns' effectiveness. New ideas are usually generated for campaigns and ad groups every few weeks, but you may miss ideas that can expand your coverage and boost your traffic if you don't check the Opportunities tab regularly. Now, when there are new ideas available for your review, you'll see them highlighted along with the rest of your campaign alerts.

Second, if you're using AdWords conversion tracking, you can now create custom alerts for changes in conversion volume, conversion rate, and cost per conversion. By setting alerts for your conversion data, you can make sure that you're quickly notified about fluctuations in your key metrics.

Please note that we're still working to bring custom alerts to all linked accounts for My Client Center (MCC) users. In the meantime, you can still set custom alerts for your individual accounts if you're able to log into them directly.