We have good news for AdWords customers in the UK who want to generate sales or leads from phone calls:

Our click-to-call ads enable you to include a clickable phone number as an additional line in your text ads. These are shown to Google users when they search using a mobile phone with a full HTML browser (such as the iPhone, Android-powered devices or those running Palm OS). They can simply click the phone number to call and connect directly with your business. It’s a quick and convenient way for a potential customer to reach you while they're on the move.

Until now, you could only include free phone numbers (e.g. those starting with '0800'), or phone numbers with a local area code (e.g. starting with '020' for London). Starting today, we're making more types of numbers eligible to appear in ads, namely those beginning with 0843, 0844, 0845 and 0870. We hope this will provide many more businesses in the UK with a great opportunity to attract new customers by phone.