We like to think of advertisements as a conversation between you and your customers.  Whether they’re customers you currently have or customers you’re soon to get, the interaction you have with them on the Google search engine results page is brief but important.

In those crucial moments, successful marketers need to deliver the right message.  Better creatives stand out to users, convey important information about your business and drive more qualified clicks. To that end, we’re excited about sharing our first SEM best practices guide, “Creative That Clicks.”  This new guide, which also features data from Google’s internal research, will help you make your message resonate with potential customers.  Here are some questions it will help you answer:

  • Is there really a benefit to including a keyword in your headline?
  • Just how big of a lift in CTR can you expect from using ad extensions?
  • Are you wasting a big opportunity with your display URLs?
  • Does capitalization have an impact on clickthrough rate?
  • How can you better identify those places in dire need of a new set of ads?

Download now to find out.

We think that ad copy optimization is important, so this will be the first in a series of content about how you can have a better conversation with your potential customers.  It’ll include even deeper dives into improving your ads, starting with advanced reporting tactics like finding keywords that need new ad groups and determining how many ads to include in your testing.  Extensions are becoming invaluable to your ads, and you should also know how to test and optimize them.  We’re even hosting a webinar on Wednesday, December 11th to touch on the points in this guide and address any questions you may have.

This is the first part of an entirely new track of content that we’ll be putting out on the AdWords blog.  Over the coming months we’ll dive into topics across all of the major SEM levers - account structure, ad optimization, keywords, bids, budgets, conversions and reporting.  We’ll also share timely pieces such as additional advice on holiday planning and how to optimize newly released product features.  All of this content will be focused on helping you and your AdWords accounts reach their full potential.

Posted by Matt Lawson, Director, Performance Ads Marketing