Over the past several years, we’ve been working on a gradual redesign for many Google products like Search, Maps, and Gmail. The goal of this redesign is not only to give Google products a consistent look and feel across the web, but also to provide users with a simple and beautiful user experience that helps you get tasks done quickly and efficiently. Today, we’re announcing that this new Google look and feel will be rolling out to AdWords, giving more screen real estate to the tools and reports you love, and helping you focus on improving your performance.

Beautiful, consistent, simple

We recognize that if you use more than one Google service, you want colors to be consistent and controls to be in the same place across everything you use so you can get to them quickly and easily.  We also know it’s no fun to have to scroll down as soon as you log into your account to see the things that are important to you. By updating AdWords to the look and feel that we use across Google, you’ll spend less time getting where you want to go in your account, and more time focusing on growing your business.

What has changed in my account?

We’d like to highlight the changes you’ll see in your account so you don’t miss a beat the first time you see the new design.

Billing, Account Settings (formerly My account) and Help have moved under the gear icon.  In the past, you might have looked in a few different places before finding important menu items in your account.  We’ve made Billing, Account settings, and Help easy to find by placing them in the same gear menu used in Gmail and Calendar.
Charts, tables, and tools have more space on the page.  Important information in your campaign management tabs is now above the fold.  We’ve given more screen space to the charts, tables, and tools you care about most so you’ll spend less time scrolling and more time optimizing.

You should see these changes roll out to your account in the next few weeks.  We hope that the new design will help you better navigate through your account and focus more on your data so you continue to grow your business. For more information about the redesign, please visit our AdWords Help Center.

Posted by the AdWords User Experience Design and Research Team