We’ve been working hard on building products and features that help you better understand the value you’re getting from AdWords. With estimated cross-device conversions and cross-account conversion tracking, you’re able to more accurately measure conversions in AdWords and better understand the complex path to purchase.

Today, we’re excited to launch flexible conversion counting.

Flexible conversion counting  is an improved way for you to count conversions that really matter to you. Now you can better measure the value of each click that turns into business results.

Want to know more? Check out this video to see how flexible conversion counting makes it easier to count all of your conversions.
Flexible Conversion counting replaces today’s conversions (one-per-click) and conversions (many-per-click) columns with Converted clicks and Conversion columns--helping you understand the relative value of each click that results in a conversion. A company like Berkeley Tees can now count all instances of t-shirt purchases while only counting unique instances of catalog downloads. Take a look:
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Read more information about flexible conversion counting in this Help Center article.

Posted by Vishal Goenka, Product Manager, AdWords Conversions