Starting today,  Call-to-Action overlays on promoted YouTube videos will have a new look and feel across both desktop and mobile. The two lines of accompanying text will be gone leaving a single line call-to-action, giving more real estate to video content. We’ll make this change automatically so you won’t need to make any changes to existing CTAs.

Here’s the expanded CTA for desktop and mobile:
And here is the collapsed CTA for desktop and mobile:
In addition to this visual makeover, CTA clicks will now be included within the “Clicks” and “CTR” reporting metrics in AdWords for video, enabling you to better quantify the total impact of this video interactivity feature.

We are also rolling out new reporting improvements in AdWords for video that many advertisers, large and small told us would be helpful, namely:
  • Improved Column Sets: We’re adding View Rate by default for all sets and are grouping sets of metrics by insight topic (like Views, Audience, Branding or Conversions). This lets you see a snapshot of your campaign based on key objectives, as well as evaluate your overall campaign performance based on View Rate before diving deeper into individual targeting groups.
  • Added Conversion Segmentations: You can now segment by conversion name and category, showing how your video campaigns are driving key conversion types.
  • All Metrics Now Visible in the Videos Tab: now you can more easily optimize across your videos by seeing the entire set of metrics available in other tabs.
Head over to AdWords for video to take advantage of these new features today.

Posted by Avi Fein, Product Manager, YouTube