As people search for things on Google, advertisers target those searches, or queries, using keywords. The relationship between queries and keywords is at the heart of search advertising with AdWords.

Do you have the right strategies in place in your account to cultivate all of that potential demand?  Our new guide, Keywords to the Wise, details keyword best practices to take your account to the next level.

  • Do you target the meaning of a user’s search, in addition to the language a user may or may not be using?
  • Are your long tail keywords too long?
  • What opportunities for expansion are you missing out on in your account?
  • How diligent are you with your negative keywords, and do you understand the ways in which their matching behavior differs from positive keywords?

Download our latest best practices white paper -- Keywords to the Wise -- to ensure that you’ve got keyword coverage covered.

Posted by Matt Lawson, Director, Performance Ads Marketing