As the year comes to a close and you're starting to plan for 2006, perhaps you're thinking about ways to re-organize your AdWords campaigns. Or maybe you're like many of the advertisers we've heard from who've been requesting more efficient ways to make account-wide changes. Well, you're in luck!

This week, we're giving you another time-saving tool with the newest of our suite of account management tools. This latest addition, Move or copy keywords and ad text, can be found on the Tools page of your account.

Now, on top of making account-wide changes to maximum CPCs, ad text, keywords, and destination URLs, you can search for, select, and move or copy keywords and ad text from one Ad Group to another. It's worth mentioning that when you move components, your account will treat relocated keywords or ad text as new -- so any statistics your keywords or ad text have accrued will not transfer across Ad Groups.

If you've been meaning to move keywords and ad text into a separate promotional campaign, separate your high-traffic keywords to better control campaign budgets, or copy keywords and ad text into separate content Ad Groups, you now have fast and easy way to do this and more.