Back in June we began moving AdWords reports into the Campaigns tab. Since then, we’ve copied over every key AdWords report, letting you quickly download your data from the same pages where you manage your campaigns.

In the next few weeks we’ll finish the transition and retire the Report Center entirely. From then on you’ll schedule and download all of your reports from within AdWords campaign management.

We’ve made the transition to this new style of reporting gradually, collecting feedback from advertisers and making adjustments accordingly.

For example, we heard that you had a hard time finding specific reporting options in your account. To help, we’ve added relevant FAQs to the download menus in the Campaigns tab, enabling you to find the views and metrics you’re interested in more easily.

If you’re currently downloading reports from the Campaigns tab, you’ve already adjusted to the bulk of the changes, and you’ll find that each of your scheduled reports have been copied to the Control Panel & Library. We’ll delete any old versions of scheduled reports from the Reports tab, and stop sending the emails associated with them, by early November. Shortly thereafter, we’ll remove the Report Center entirely.

To prepare for the retirement, you can compare the scheduled reports in the Reports section of your Control Panel & Library to the old versions of your scheduled reports in the Report Center, then make any necessary adjustments to make sure you’re getting the data you want, in the format you want.

If you’re looking for additional resources to guide you through the changes, you can visit the AdWords Help Center for articles on each report. We’ve also published a before and after guide to keyword reporting to give you a step-by-step tutorial to running one of the most popular AdWords reports.

Thanks again for your patience during the transition. If you have any additional feedback on AdWords reporting, please continue to send it our way.